Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Presidential Campaign Issues: Abortion


As we await the third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential contest, I would just like to reflect on an issue that was raised in the Vice-Presidential debate, a debate that was largely obscured by the leaking of a videotape featuring lewd sexist dialogue between Trump and NBC Today correspondent Billy Bush.

Practically every commentator agreed that Republican Governor Mike Pence was the clear winner in the debate. Pence was a model of seriousness and thoughtfulness. On the other hand, the carefully planned strategy of Democrat Senator Tim Kaine to constantly interrupt obviously backfired. Kaine came across as a kind of barking jackal of little weight or stature.

However, at the end of the debate a moment of seriousness occurred when the issue of abortion came up. Pence made an unabashedly Pro-Life statement, and argued that the State has an inherent interest in supporting the right to life of the most vulnerable of its citizens. He noted that as Governor he had worked hard to make Indiana a pro-adoption state. For once, Kaine declined to interrupt.

In responding Kaine did note that he was Catholic and proud of his Catholic heritage and education. He had been educated in a Jesuit school and spent time in Latin America doing social work. He agreed with his Church’s position on abortion but argued that a public official must follow and enforce the law. As an example he argued that as Governor of Virginia, he agreed with his Church in opposing the death penalty but had to follow the Virginia laws that required it.

In the same way, he argued that while he personally opposed abortion, he must support the law that left the decision to the woman involved. It was the conscience of the woman that mattered. Even a Pro-Life advocate can understand, if not support, his reasoning especially in a country so divided on the issue.  

Nevertheless, Kaine’s conscience has changed in one respect. Since being picked by Hillary Clinton as her running mate, he has changed his long standing opposition to Federal funding of abortions. Clinton and the Democrat platform now call for repeal of the law that has forbidden Federal funding. Now Kaine opposes the so-called Hyde amendment that prohibits Federal funding. In other words, Kaine will work to overthrow a law despite his conscience. At the same time, he and Clinton will require all citizens to be taxed to pay for abortions even when their consciences tell them it is wrong.

Is abortion just a matter of conscience or religion? Statistics show that while Blacks and Hispanics make up 25% of the population of the United States, they account for 50% of the abortions performed. It doesn’t take a sociologist to see that abortion has been a key element in keeping the population of the so-called lower classes down. Years ago Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, argued that it was important to limit the growth of the ignorant, lower, and undesirable classes in America.

The Democrat strategy is very cunning. They can appear to be the champions of women, especially the poor and underprivileged, but at the same time, they support measures that have kept the population of Blacks and Hispanics down. Despite contemporary left-wing rhetoric on behalf of the under-privileged, it is still outcomes or results that count. Kaine, Clinton, and the Democrats call Donald Trump a racist for asking President Obama to produce his birth certificate. Yet, no one calls them racists for proposing that the government pay for countless Black and Hispanic abortions.


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