Friday, September 23, 2016

Deplorables and Islamophobia

In the now famous “Deplorables” speech that Hillary Clinton gave before an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) meeting she added Islamophobia to the list of phobias possessed by half of Donald Trump’s supporters. For Clinton “Islamophobia” is a foolish, irrational and dangerous reaction to the recent bombings and shootings carried out by Moslem fanatics in this country.

So far Islamophobia has not led to even local persecution of the Moslem population in this country. In fact, the fanatics who carry out these crimes are given all the protection of the laws. As Donald Trump noted the Chelsea bomber will receive the best of medical treatment while recovering from his wounds, and then free, professional legal advice when he is brought to trial. He will not be publicly humiliated and tortured before having his head cut off while millions watch on the Internet.

It is hardly surprising that Clinton never seems to notice or speak out about the widespread persecution of Christians in many Moslem dominated countries. How serious is Islamophobia compared to the murder, rape, looting, and devastation visited on Christian communities in places like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya?

In fact, the Obama, Clinton policy of support for the so-called Arab Spring and various rebel groups has led to one of the most brutal persecution of Christians ever witnessed in the past 2000 years. It is true that President Obama and Secretary Clinton supported rebel groups in Egypt and Libya and succeeded in overthrowing dictators in both countries. The result has been devastating for Christians in both countries.

Even after the Egyptian army overthrew the radical Islamic government, the persecution of Christians in that country has continued. Our support of rebels in Libya has led to total chaos in that country highlighted by the terrible attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi.

Things are not much better elsewhere. A friend of mine compiles a daily report, “Today’s Martyrs”, that highlights the everyday atrocities perpetrated against Christians throughout the world. Here is a recent excerpt of how our Kurdish rebel friends behave in Iraq. 
Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo (UPDATE: narrowly missed death when Kurdish militia fired into his residence, said "At that moment, the area was presided over by Kurdish militias, and there were no other armed persons nearby...Whenever the Kurdish militia enter in action to reaffirm its military hegemony over the city, the epicenter of their raids and acts of force is always the area of the six churches, where most of the Christians live. In many cases they expelled the Christians from their homes under the threat of Kalashnikovs. And where they enter, they loot everything"

The situation in Syria is much the same. The Obama administration has armed and supported the rebels fighting the Assad dictatorship. The rebels may oppose the Assad regime but their rockets seem to be directed at Christian targets. Here is another recent excerpt from “Today’s Martyrs.”           

Fr Ibrahim Alsabagh OFM (aged 44; UPDATE: said "we were awakened by a rocket that fell near here [which] hit the Syrian Catholic bishop's residence...Neither the bishop nor his vicar were present at the time, this prevented casualties or injuries. The damages to the building remain", added that the cathedral had "been targeted by rockets and mortar fire for a while" by rebel forces)

The first Presidential debate will take place this Monday night. These debates could be decisive in determining the winner. I believe that it will include a discussion of foreign policy. Islam and Islamophobia may come up for discussion in the debate, but I doubt if the persecution of Christians by the rebel friends of the Obama administration will be an issue. ###

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