Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is Trump Crazy?

Recently I received a solicitation in the mail from the “Trump Make America Great Committee.” As usual, in solicitations of this kind, I was asked to give my opinion on which of the following issues Mr. Trump and other Republican candidates should address in the Presidential campaign. Here are the issues.

Tax reform
Fighting radical Islamic terrorism
Re-negotiating trade deals to put America first
Firing unresponsive federal bureaucrats to make government accountable again
Building the border wall and fighting illegal immigration
Appointing conservative judges to the federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court
Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with market-based reforms
Standing up for law enforcement and the rule of law
Eliminating unneeded federal regulation so businesses can grow and create jobs
Strengthening our military and ensuring veterans are treated like the heroes they are

These are obviously the issues that helped Mr. Trump defeat a highly qualified field of candidates in the Republican primaries, and I must say that I think most of them are important and worthy of serious discussion. If Donald Trump continues to press these issues, he will have a good chance of victory in November.

However, it now seems obvious that no such discussion of issues will take place in the current campaign. Just this week Trump gave a major speech in Detroit outlining his economic proposals. It was hardly reported in the media which instead chose to express outrage over a remark by Trump that was supposed to invite gun rights advocates to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

Not a day goes by when Internet headlines, TV political programs, or newspaper cartoons fail to depict Trump as a dangerous, insane demagogue. Even the sports pages are getting into the act. Here is a headline about the NY Yankees treatment of Alex Rodriguez with a gratuitous slap at the Republican candidate.
New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi told perhaps the biggest lie of the year Wednesday, which is quite a feat considering the parade of falsehoods that emanate from Donald Trump’s mouth on a daily basis.
What was the writer thinking about? How can the writer not fail to notice the fact that Hillary Clinton is far in the lead for the liar of the year title?

Even today, Daniel Henninger, the renowned editorial writer at the Wall Street Journal, finally came around and admitted that a vote for Hillary Clinton is not an option in November. Another op-ed in today’s WSJ also argued that Trump’s criticism of foreign currency manipulation is worthy of real consideration. Just the other day Pat Buchanan, one of the most astute and independent commentators in America, argued that Trump’s call for a re-evaluation of NATO and Russia was worthy of serious consideration.

It is always easy to blame the messenger who brings bad news but that does not make the news any better. The United States has been at war for over fifteen years, it is almost 20 Trillion dollars in debt with no relief in sight, and faces serious problems both at home and abroad. If the Democrats think they can fix these problems, why didn’t they do so in the past eight years under President Obama? They will blame Republicans but they had a free hand during Obama’s first term. What went wrong? They can’t blame Trump for the failures of the Obama administration.


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