Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dining in New York

                                             Fine Dining in New York 

This week my wife and I took the commuter train to New York City to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and view a couple of its current special exhibitions. It was a special occasion because we were going to meet up with an art history friend visiting from South Carolina who is a veritable gold mine of information. One could not ask for a better guide. She was equally at home touring the John Singer Sargent portrait exhibition, or the amazing fashion exhibition based on traditional Chinese costumes.

In between we decided to have lunch not in the Met’s noisy cafeteria but in the Member’s dining room. As expected the surroundings were quiet and elegant. The service was impeccable and the food was excellent. My little strip of steak was delicious and my wife said her scallops were the best she ever tasted. As expected the servings were small and expensive but who could complain since the experience was so pleasant.

Two days later I had a different though equally fine dining experience on Long Island right outside of NYC.  My brother’s son is getting married and while my wife was attending the bridal shower, I join my two brothers for lunch at Bigelow’s clam shack in Rockville Center. Bigelow’s is apparently a Long Island institution that proudly proclaims it has been offering the best of seafood since 1939.

Bigelow’s is an unpretentious dining establishment. There are no tables but just a horseshoe shaped counter with stools like an old fashioned diner. The small room was packed with people obviously enjoying their overflowing platters of clams and shrimp. I’m not a seafood fan so I had the burger that was one of the best I ever had, along with a very fresh salad.

Speaking of food today at Mass we heard the gospel account of the miracle of the loaves and fishes where Jesus fed a crowd of 5000 with just five loaves of bread and two fishes. I know some people doubt this miracle but I like the explanation of one man who wondered why the God who could create the incredible abundance of food in this world, couldn’t conjure up a meal for the 5000.

I thought of this yesterday after enjoying my dining at both the Met and Bigelow’s Clam Shack. Where does all that food come from? At Bigelow’s the clams, shrimp, and fries keep coming and coming as the empty stools are quickly filled with eager customers. I know there is hunger in the world but the real miracle is how much food there is available to take care of the world’s population. ###

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