Tuesday, November 12, 2013

President Obama's Promise


In a recent op-ed in the Wall St. Journal Alan Blinder supported the President’s attempt to weasel out of his health care promise by calling the health plans that millions of Americans are losing “sub-par”. I believe the President calls these plans sub-standard. But in his long op-ed defending the Affordable Care Act Mr. Blinder, like the President, never bothered to detail just what was so sub-par about those plans.

Recently, other op-eds as well as letters in the Journal have shown that some of these below standard plans have actually paid substantial benefits to claimants, as well as providing good service to policyholders. One woman even received over 1.2 million in benefits and obviously loved her plan.

So what is so sub-par about these plans? As far as I can tell, they lack a provision for free health club membership. They also fail to provide free contraceptives. I also suspect that they fail to include dental and vision care. I’m sure that in the minds of the President and Mr. Blinder there are other deficiencies but I’m also sure that most people chose coverage that met their needs, especially for large ticket items. Most health care consumers liked their plans because they had chosen the deductible and co-insurance provisions that suited their needs.

Now, despite the President’s promise, millions will lose their coverage and be forced into one size fits all plans that will contain benefits that they neither want nor need.


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