Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Symbols and Customs

The Easter egg is a symbol that refers to the tomb from which Jesus arose on Easter Sunday. Other symbols of the risen Lord include the resurrected Lamb from the Book of Revelation. In the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Fairfield, Connecticut, the Lamb is shown in the center of a beautiful Rose window at the back of the Church. The Lamb reclines on the Book of the Seven Seals with a triumphal cross and banner. Click on the image to enlarge.*

The word "Easter" comes from a Germanic goddess of spring. Latin peoples use the word pasqua from the Jewish pasch or passover. When the Germanic peoples were converted the Church wisely associated the word for Springtime with the feast of the Risen Lord. All around us new life is springing from the dead of winter. 


One of the many traditions associated with Easter was the famous Easter Parade, especially on New York's 5th Avenue. Here is a link to the ending of the film Easter Parade that featured Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. He was a little old but she was never lovelier than when she sings the title song.

Or, just view the video below. By the way, rotogravure was a newspaper Sunday supplement like today's Parade magazine.

*Image by Melissa DeStefano

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