Saturday, February 4, 2012

Primary Winners and Losers


The real winner in the Republican primaries so far has been Fox News anchorwoman Megyn Kelly whose short hair do and conservative attire have set her apart from the bimbos usually seen on cable news. Although still a very attractive woman, viewers are not distracted by long blonde hair that needs constant attention, a plunging neckline, or exposed thighs. Now we are able to appreciate her presentation and knowledge. On the other hand, Bret Baier, her co-host, seems to be eating himself out of a job.

Conservatism has been another loser in the primaries. Above all else, conservatives should be non-ideologues. Conservatives don’t value the constitution so much because of its ideas but because it has worked like a charm for two centuries. Moreover, it is based on principles that can be found in any political system that has enjoyed success over the centuries.

Yet, in each primary so far conservatives have managed to split their support among rival claimants. Even in Florida where Romney seemed to have won a decisive victory, the majority of Republicans voted against him. It is time for Gingrich and Santorum, who agree on practically everything, to stop wasting their money and cut some kind of a back room deal. If Santorum had withdrawn in Florida, most of his support would have gone to Gingrich and the contest would have been a virtual dead heat despite Romney’s ad blitz.

Speaking about Santorum, how can he claim to be a champion of family values? He has seven young children. I don’t question his integrity as much as his sanity in putting his family through the ordeal of a Presidential campaign. Did it ever occur to him that even in the remote possibility of his election that his children would be torn from the home environment and have to live in virtual house  arrest for the next four years?

Gingrich was a big winner in South Carolina but was not able to maintain his momentum in Florida. Most pundits blame it on Romney’s negative ad blitz but I think that Newt could have neutralized the ads by just ignoring them. In Florida he went on the defensive and kept trying to explain his past conduct. No one wants to hear what he did or didn’t do in 1994. That’s so yesterday. We want to hear what he believes today, and what he will do in the next four years if elected.

Ron Paul may have some good ideas but you wonder about the judgment of a man who loses 93 % of the voters, and still feels that he’s won a victory. Frankly, he’s too old to consider the rigors of the Presidency. Maybe he’s just holding the torch until his son can take over?

Finally, most of the pundits have been big losers in the primaries. It would appear that they know little more than the rest of us. They always seem to predict the continuation of the current trend and largely seem unaware of the different electorates in each state. Also, they have themselves become so predictable. Even before they open their mouths, you know pretty much what they are going to say no matter what the issue.

Finally, the media tend to attack those whom they fear the most. So far most of their artillery has been directed at Gingrich. It’s really not about his marital history. The media fear Gingrich’s ideas much more than they fear Romney’s. ###

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